Health Savings Accounts - 4 Part Webinar Series

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Part 1 - Expanding World of Health Savings Accounts - July 20, 2017

Some financial organizations may be reluctant to implement or develop an HSA program given the uncertainties that still surround these accounts and their place in the tax-qualified savings landscape. This course offers insight into the HSA market—including its growth, the prospects for future growth, and the reasons behind it all. This is the perfect opportunity to tap into the HSA market’s potential for your organization.

Part 2 - Introduction to Health Savings Accounts - August 9, 2017

This is part two of our four-part series on HSAs. This course is designed to help you manage an HSA program more effectively. After attending this course, you will understand the fundamentals of HSAs and basic HAS compliance rules. This course also reviews HSA benefits, documentation and reporting requirements, contribution rules and limits, eligibility requirements, portability rules, and the difference between qualified and nonqualified distributions

Part 3 - Advanced Health Savings Accounts - August 30, 2017

This is part three of our four-part series on HSAs. This course is perfect for individuals who are comfortable with HSAs and are looking to further enhance their understanding of these accounts. This course will take your knowledge to the next level with a review of difficult HSA issues regarding eligibility requirements, employer contributions, excess contribution issues, prohibited transactions, and reporting.

Part 4 - Top 10 Health Savings Account Issues - October 18, 2017

HSAs are one of the fastest growing products currently offered by financial organizations. Whether your organization already offers HSAs or is just thinking about it, join us as we discuss the Top 10 HSA issues revolving around these increasingly popular accounts.

Covered Topics:

Expanding World of Health Savings Accounts

  • Learn the history of HSAs and the concept behind their creation
  • Discuss the growth in these accounts and the market opportunities for financial organizations that offer HSAs
  • Review the data on contributions, average balances, and typical HSA customers
  • Describe the varying methods of use and investment strategies that account owners are applying to their HSA assets

Introduction to Health Savings Accounts

  • Explain the benefits and basic concepts of HSAs
  • Understand HSA eligibility requirements and contribution limits
  • Restate HSA tax benefits and portability rules
  • Recall the difference between qualified and nonqualified distributions
  • Discuss IRS reporting requirements

Advanced Health Savings Accounts

  • Recognize an HSA-eligible HDHP
  • Explain when an employer may recoup contributions made to an employee’s HSA
  • Calculate the net income attributable (NIA) to an excess HSA contribution
  • Understand the risks of creating prohibited transactions in HSAs
  • Reporting HSA contributions and distributions

Top 10 Health Savings Account Issues

  • Discuss the most current top issues surrounding HSAs that financial organizations frequently encounter

Who Should Attend?

Those responsible for HSA compliance or operations at their financial organization will benefit from this series.