A Year in the Life of a Compliance Office

Each day compliance officers work to manage and implement numerous regulations, guidance, and monitoring reports – all to protect their financial institution from violations and avoid consumer harm. But since they often wear many hats, it’s easy for a monthly review or annual report to slip through the cracks. This program will walk through a year in the life of a compliance officer, including required training, risk assessments, reviews, reports, and audits. Useful tools and a sample annual calendar for compliance officers will be provided.

Covered Topics

  • Utilize checklists to track your responsibilities
  • Implement tracking methods for everything from policy approvals to exam findings
  • Establish an effective training program
  • Effectively report compliance matters to the board
  • Understand the tools and resources available to you

Who Should Attend?

This informative session is designed for Compliance Officer and Internal Auditors.