IRA Update

It's a new year and changes to IRAs are inevitable. Just when we get comfortable with the "old" rules, Congress throws us a curve. If you want to get updated on the most recent changes to IRAs, this 1 hour Webinar is for you.

Covered Topics

Participants will get the answers to these and many more common questions.
  • What are the legislative updates for 2014?
  • Can a member in RMD make a tax free charitable contribution from an IRA in 2014 and how is it reported to the IRS?
  • How does the recent Supreme Court ruling regarding DOMA affect IRAs?
  • What are the new changes to some of the penalty exceptions prior to age 59½?
  • Are there new reporting changes on the 1099-R and 5498 for 2014?

Who Should Attend?

IRA personnel in New Accounts, CDs, Trust, Investments and Savings Departments who are involved in the opening, selling, and administration of IRA accounts will benefit greatly from the thorough discussions of the more complicated aspects of the IRA and from the "Annual IRA Update and Review". A working knowledge of IRAs will help understand the more complicated areas of this Webinar.