IRA Distributions

I thought I knew the answer! Whether you are an IRA "rookie" or an IRA "pro", you know you have probably had this feeling many times! Oh, that helpless feeling we get when a member asks us anything above the most basic IRA questions. If you are searching for a Webinar where you will achieve that higher "comfort level", this is "must attend".

Program Content:

Section I – IRA Beneficiaries
  • Basic difference between primary and contingent beneficiaries
  • Naming an estate or trust as a beneficiary
Section II – IRA Distributions includes:
  • IRS penalty exceptions prior to age 59½ and the proper IRS coding
  • Required Annual Notifications for RMDs and Federal Withholding
  • Discussion of beneficiary payout options – including spouse, nonspouse, estate and trust
  • Setting up the Inherited IRA and documentation requirements
  • Proper death distribution IRS reporting
    • Who Should Attend?

      Member Services Representatives, Certificate of Deposit Personnel, Savings Counselors and Supervisors who are involved in the opening, selling, marketing, or administration of IRAs. Any officer/manager who "oversees" the IRA department and may be responsible for answering employees or members IRA questions or concerns. Experienced IRA Personnel who like a review of the latest rules.