Build a No-Excuses Sales Environment

ACCOUNTABILITY. Think about your top salesperson and what they would say if they did not hit their sales target this month. "I'm on it; my pipeline is strong and I will fix the problem." They are accountable. Now, think about a weaker salesperson that you have; what would they say about coming short of goal? "I had to do Operation's job, the market is soft."  Excuses.

As the sales leader, do you accept excuses or do you coach your salespeople to create their own solutions and results? What shadow do you cast when it comes to taking full responsibility and not allowing an environment of excuse-making?

Tony Cole, President of Anthony Cole Training Group, works with sales managers and business owners across the country. He will share with you three specific ideas to implement that will help you instill a culture of responsibility with your sales team. If you need to drive more consistent sales growth, participate in this webinar to Create a No Excuses Sales Environment.

In This Webinar, You Will Learn:

  • A process for setting extraordinary standards
  • How to more effectively evaluate and manage sales activity and success
  • An accountability matrix to use immediately with your sales team
  • A way to accurately assess the commitment of your team

Who Should Attend?

Sales managers in all lines of business and trainers will all benefit by this webinar.