Understanding the HMDA Requirements

Regardless of whether your credit union is very new to HMDA or HMDA-experienced, this straight-forward one-hour webinar will help you understand the HMDA requirements. We'll explain how to identify reportable loans (that's usually the biggest problem), and we'll see how HMDA applies to these loans:

What You Will Learn

  • Business and Ag Loans
  • Non-Real Estate Loans
  • Purchase-and-Rehab Loans
  • Refinancings
  • Open-End Credit
  • Temporary Loans
  • Farm-Purchase Loans
  • Dual-Purpose Loans

We'll briefly discuss the upcoming HMDA changes and also address some of the issues that commonly occur in HMDA reporting.

Registrants will get a colorful and easy-to-read reference booklet explaining the HMDA requirements. Among other information, the booklet will include:

  • An easy-to-follow chart with codes and instructions for LAR preparation
  • A worksheet for collecting LAR information—YOU'LL LOVE THIS ONE!
  • FFIEC's Frequently Asked Questions
    • Who Should Attend?

      This information-packed webinar will be helpful to lenders, loan processors and compliance officers.