Secured Transactions - The Article 9 Rules

When a lender secures a loan with personal property, he or she must comply with the Article 9 rules . . .  or risk losing the collateral to another lender (or a bankruptcy trustee). In this one-hour webinar, Anne Lolley will guide lenders and processors through the Article 9 rules and simplify those all-important requirements

Covered Topics:

  • Perfecting the security interest
  • Jointly-owned collateral 
  • Lapse period 
  • Correct debtor name 
  • Termination requirements
  • Priority rules
  • Purchase-money security interests 
Handbook and Chart

We'll provide registrants with a colorful, easy-to-read handbook containing 40 pages of handy charts and information, and we're confident that both lenders and processors will be using this handbook over and over as a quick reference.  And you’ll especially like the 17-page chart offering details and instructions on perfecting nearly 50 types of collateral.

Who Should Attend?

Both new and seasoned lenders, compliance officers and compliance officers will find this webinar helpful.