IRA Basics

It’s getting down to the wire on that dreaded tax deadline. What do I do when someone walks in at 5PM on April 15th to make that contribution to his/her IRA? What if they don’t have an IRA and I need to open one for them? These and other questions will be answered in this webinar. If you have just started with IRAs or want a good review of IRA fundamentals, this is the program for you. This program will prepare you to open, move and close IRAs and get all the paperwork right in the process. If you have been afraid of IRAs or just don’t have enough basic knowledge this webinar will get you excited and motivated to become the IRA expert at your organization.

Covered Topics

  • Traditional IRA Eligibility and Deductibility Requirements
  • Roth IRA Eligibility and Qualified Distributions Rules
  • SEPs and SIMPLES
  • How to move IRA money: Rollovers and Transfers
  • How to move money from company retirement plans
  • What happens if there is too much money put in an IRA
  • What happens when the customer takes money out at 59 ½, 70 ½ and death
  • Do IRAs have penalties?  Who collects the penalty?
  • How does the IRS know the money is going in and out of an IRA
  • What paperwork needs to be completed to open and close an IRA

Who Should Attend?

New Accounts Representatives, Branch managers, Branch Administration, IRA Administrators, Personal Bankers, Training and all frontline personnel.