Motivating & Managing the Front Line

Do you want your frontline to demonstrate professional maturity, be accountable, and excel at service? Sounds good, doesn’t it? This program will focus on frontline performance management - it’s the key to the employee becoming motivated and responsible. Are you ready to learn how to work with the staff to create a performance plan that enhances what they do well and works on what needs improvement? 

Traditionally, the role of the supervisor was to develop the plan, inform the employee of the goals and objectives and tell them how to meet them. The employee had very little input. Times have changed. Today’s best practice approach involves both the employee and the supervisor. Once the employee is made aware of the expectations and goals, the next step is for the employee to create a performance plan outlining how the goals will be met. The supervisor's role in the planning stage is to act as an advisor. Once a plan is in place, a coaching schedule is established to address progress or the need for it.  

What gets in the way of this process? Maybe you face resistance, lack of cooperation, old grudges and resentments. Or it could be an inexperienced supervisor or lack of time to dedicate to the process. Learn how…learn now, how to lead your team to success! You will lead by example as you consistently and routinely inspire excellence.

Covered Topics:

Accountability - yours & theirs
  • Areas of responsibilities
  • Performance planning
  • Mystery shopping
  • Skill sets and behavior expectations
  • Training reinforcements
  • Tracking and measuring performance
Professional Development 
  • Raising the bar
  • Understanding motivation
  • Managing indifference
Implementing Coaching Choices
  • Use a proven and effective method to lead and coach
  • Learn what to say, how to say it
  • Explore what to do when the plan doesn’t work

Who Should Attend?

Managers, assistant managers and all staff who train and/or lead others will benefit from this webinar.