Critical issues on Opening Share Accounts: Identifying Your Member

You start by understanding what types of ID potential members are likely to have, how reliable they are, and the information that each provides. Let's look at all the different types of identification and TINs to open accounts. In this program, we will look at the good, the bad and the ugly forms of identification. You will want to use this time to go over your Customer Identification Program list of identifications and determine if it is up to speed for your market. We will also exam the three types of social security cards issued, ITINS and the new procedures and numbers for ITINs and many other new account opening identification and tax reporting issues.

Covered Topics:

  • Driver's licenses and non-driver's ID cards 
  • Consular cards: How issued and when renewed 
  • TWIC Cards: Who gets them and when they are issued and renewed 
  • Resident alien cards 
  • Passports 
  • 32 driver's licenses from Mexico and Canadian driver's licenses 
  • Hunting licenses and gun cards 
  • Tribal identification cards 
  • Marriage and divorce name changes 
  • Working with Amish members 
  • SSN, EIN and ITIN: Who gets what 
  • How the IRS matches names and what can go wrong 
  • Your check cashing policy versus your account opening procedures 

    Who Should Attend?

    This webinar is designed for new accounts, branch managers, member service representatives, BSA coordinators and officers, training, personal bankers, financial service representatives, deposit operations and all frontline personnel.