Cybersecurity: 2016 Year in Review

Cyber incidents are more sophisticated and frequent, data breaches are a regular news story, and regulatory updates are flowing faster. Ransomware moved from the consumer market to businesses and the topic is becoming commonly discussed at peer group meetings. FFIEC Booklets are being dusted off and updated by regulators and new examination procedures are released by most regulatory agencies to address cyber concerns. If you feel you might have missed one of these events and want to get a recap to share with your team or you want to ensure you are fully prepared for 2017, this webinar is for you.

Covered Topics:

      Cybersecurity Changes
      • Business Email Compromises explode
      • Ransomware updated for financial institutions
      • iPhone falls victim to malware
      • POS breaches take over retail and hotel changes
      • Top secret hacking tools disclosed to the public
      • Wire transfer schemes attempt billions in fraud
      Regulatory Updates
      • FFIEC Retail Booklet updated with Mobile Banking Guidance
      • FFIEC Wholesale Payment (Wire) Cyber Guidance
      • FFIEC Cyber Extortion Guidance for Ransomware
      Join us to review these topics and others which have surfaced in 2016. Our challenges in 2017 will only be greater. Being prepared and developing a strong Information Security Program is essential in mitigating these growing risks. Share our discussion at your next board meeting to set new expectations on governance over cybersecurity moving forward. 

      Who Should Attend?

      This discussion will be less technical and focus on strategic impacts for the management team; geared towards Information Security Officers, C-Level management involved in cyber, internal audit, and directors.

      "Chad Knutson has real world experience and provides financial institutions with great resource materials." -- Vicki Peloquin, First Bank of Highland Park