Call Center Representative Training

In our very competitive industry, people are looking for ease when it comes to service. This has caused Call Centers to blossom. And while there are excellent technological advances in this area, few companies address the unique needs a call center representative has for being trained.

This webinar will focus on the customer service aspects of Call Centers, rather than software or technology.

Covered Topics:

    • The call cycle
    • Why have call centers?
    • Using open/closed questions to control a call
    • Showing value
    • Confirming satisfaction
    • Handling problem calls

          Who Should Attend?

          Call center representatives, managers, and employees who deal with the public on the phone.

          "Agree strongly on the LISTENING part of this course.  Too many times, we formulate in our minds how to respond and even interrupt the caller BEFORE they have had the opportunity to 'say the peace'.  I am going to put this into practice." -- Valerie Stumpf, USX Federal Credit Union