Streamlining the Real Estate Loan Process

In the complex and detailed world of real estate lending, the time it takes to process a real estate loan and the efficiency of the real estate lending process are a major consideration that can directly impact member satisfaction and the success and production of a Credit Union’s real estate lending program.

This presentation will discuss the challenging topic of streamlining real estate lending that includes a discussion of concepts, methodologies, and tools for streamlining the real estate lending process and improving the efficiencies of the real estate lending operation.

Covered Topics:

  • Rule and regulatory compliance affect the streamlining of the real estate lending process
  • Tactical steps to take to streamline the real estate lending process
  • Processes for improving efficiencies in real estate loan processing
  • Streamlining document requirements for real estate lending
  • How streamlining real estate lending could affect real estate loan quality and potential risks that could result in potential delinquency and loss
  • How communication with the real estate loan borrower impacts real estate loan origination, processing, closing and funding and member satisfaction
  • And more….
Please join us for this interesting webinar that affects Credit Union real estate lending departments and operations.

Who Should Attend?

CEO's, Lending Management, Supervisory Committee Members, Members of Boards of Directors, Marketing Managers, Real Estate Lending Personnel and Operations Management will all benefit from attending this program.