Advanced Health Savings Accounts

This is part of a four-part webinar series on Health Savings Accounts. To view or purchase the entire series, click here.

This course is perfect for individuals who are comfortable with HSAs and are looking to further enhance their understanding of these accounts. This course will take your knowledge to the next level with a review of difficult HSA issues regarding eligibility requirements, employer contributions, excess contribution issues, prohibited transactions, and reporting.

Covered Topics:

  • Recognize an HSA-eligible HDHP
  • Explain when an employer may recoup contributions made to an employee’s HSA
  • Calculate the net income attributable (NIA) to an excess HSA contribution
  • Understand the risks of creating prohibited transactions in HSAs
  • Reporting HSA contributions and distributions

Who Should Attend?

Those responsible for HSA compliance or operations at their financial organization will benefit from this program.