Alert! Regulation CC Final Amendments affecting Check Clearing

The Federal Reserve Board is amending subparts A, C, and D of Regulation CC, Availability of Funds and Collection of Checks (12 CFR part 229), which implements the Expedited Funds Availability Act of 1987 (EFA Act), the Check Clearing for the 21st Century Act of 2003 (Check 21 Act), and the official staff commentary to the regulation.   In the final rule, the Board has modified the current check collection and return requirements to reflect the virtually all electronic check collection and return environment and to encourage all depositary banks to receive, and paying banks to send, returned checks electronically. The Board has retained, without change, the current same-day settlement rule for paper checks. The Board is also applying Regulation CC’s existing check warranties under subpart C to checks that are collected electronically, and in addition, has adopted new warranties and indemnities related to checks collected and returned electronically and to electronically-created items. 

Covered Topics

  • Final changes to the regulation 
  • Impact on check clearing policies and procedures
  • Proposed amendment that needs comment
  • Receive the regulation in a word document
  • Step-by-step breakdown of changes to your check clearing procedures

Who Should Attend?

This webinar will benefit all tellers, teller managers, cashiers, member service representatives, operations staff, branch managers and compliance officers.