For Sales Managers: Build a No-Excuses Sales Environment

For Sales Managers: Does Your Credit Union Have a No Excuses Sales Environment?

"I didn't make my calls this week because of all the Ops problems." Most Sales Leaders have you heard some version of that recently. It is easy to accept this type of comment and let it ride, especially with a good producer. But if you do, excuse making can permeate your group. The foundation for creating a no excuses sales environment begins with leadership - how you set sales standards and then demonstrate, communicate and inspect accountability to those standards. As the sales leader, what shadow do you cast when it comes to taking full responsibility and not allowing an environment of excuse-making?

Jack Kasel, Sales Development Expert with Anthony Cole Training Group, works with banks and credit unions across the country. He will share specific strategies to build and cultivate a culture of responsibility with your team. No excuses, big results!

Covered Topics:

  1. A process for setting extraordinary standards
  2. An understanding of how to more effectively evaluate and manage sales activity and success
  3. An accountability matrix to use immediately with your sales team
  4. A way to accurately assess the commitment of your team

Who Should Attend?

Salespeople in all lines of business, tellers, supervisors and trainers