ACH Rules Update

The ACH Rules continue to change, providing you new opportunities.

The ACH (Automated Clearing House) Rules have changes that go into effect four times per year. In 2018 Same Day ACH becomes final with the last of the implementations. There are of course other changes as well, that you’ll want to make sure you understand. You'll want to join us to make sure that you are not only compliant with the ACH Rules, but understand the new opportunities are available with the changes. ACH is a product that is available to financial institutions of all sizes.

Covered Topics

  • The late 2017 ACH Rule changes
  • Same Day ACH: Phase Three
    • Discuss Opportunities with Same Day ACH
  • Third-Party Sender registration requirement
  • The ACH Rules changes effective in 2018
  • Review NACHA Initiatives
    • SDA Enhancements
    • DFI Messaging
    • And more…

Who Should Attend?

This course is designed for compliance personnel, auditors, operations personnel, senior management and all others interested in gaining knowledge on ACH topics.