10 Hotspots for BSA Examinations

During this program, we will look at the top exam issues for 2018 and focus on avoiding the mishaps of poor planning on your examination. This program will move through some of the “hot spots” for BSA this year and help you stay in the clear of traps from the examination process.

Covered Topics:

  • Risk assessments – How far do you go?
  • Virtual currency, virtual wallets and virtual branches
  • Remote Deposit Capture, Mobile Banking and prepaid cards
  • OFAC ramifications on BSA
  • SAR narratives and the challenges
  • CTR errors abound
  • Nonresident alien customers, PEPs, MSBs
  • Model validation and governance
  • CIP and CDD
  • Alert! FinCEN updates FAQs on Beneficial Ownership
  • And much, much more

Who Should Attend?

BSA Officers, BSA Support personnel, Deposit Operations, Compliance Officers and Training Staff will all benefit from this webinar.