Member Service that Lives Up to Its Name

What do you remember about the service you receive in the places where you do business? If you're like most people, the answer is simple: very little. Members expect to have their needs met. Who would choose to do business somewhere where satisfaction was not the norm? If you want members remembering and talking about what it’s like to do business with your institution, then satisfactory is not enough. We must create a meaningful, memorable experience.

This fast-paced, dynamic webinar is designed for credit unions serious about taking member service up a notch. We will equip you to raise the bar when it comes to getting employees on board and revved up while delivering value and creating amazing experiences for your members. Come learn how to wow your members with genuine interest and care while providing a meaningful, memorable experience each time.

Aimed at all frontline staff, teller supervisors, tellers, call center, member service reps and branch managers, this program will allow participants to excel at creating a service experience that wows the member.

Covered Topics

What We Will Cover

  • Being Authentic
  • The ingredients for a WOW
  • Creating an engaged employee
  • Training for engagement
  • Coaching and support

What You Will Learn

  • Engaging the member from day one
  • Becoming a solution driven institution
  • How to increase efficiency without making the member feel rushed
  • Tips on unexpected extras that wow the member
  • Creating a culture of excellence

Who Should Attend?

Frontline staff, teller supervisors, tellers, call center, member service reps and branch managers will benefit from this information packed webinar.