Introduction to ACH

Attend this webinar to understand who the participants are in ACH and what their warrantees are. This webinar is designed as an introduction to ACH processing. You will gain a broad understanding of the Automated Clearing House (ACH) Network and the processes the network follows. This is an excellent class for new operations staff and others in the bank that just want to understand ACH.

Covered Topics

This webinar will provide you with:

  • Knowledge of how the ACH payment system works
  • An understanding of commonly-used ACH acronyms and terminology
  • Examples of the primary participants in the ACH system
  • An overview of the responsibilities of the participants
  • An awareness of the different types of ACH entries

Who Should Attend?

Back office operations, compliance officers, auditors, branch managers, Treasury/cash management professionals, frontline staff and customer service representatives.

"Kate Cole was very clear and easy to understand. I appreciated the real-life examples that she gave to clarify her bullet-points. Excellent presentation! Highly recommend!" -- Elizabeth Lowery, First Security Bank of Deer Lodge