Advanced Loan Underwriting

Even though recent overall lending trends for credit unions across the country have been positive, members financial conditions were changed by the last recession resulting in borrowers becoming more knowledgeable, more demanding, and more selective in their borrowing habits. Moreover, a great many borrowers have become more conservative in how they borrow and from whom. Member borrowers today want more from the Credit Union. They want to feel that the Credit Union is really looking out for the member's best financial interest and doing everything possible to assist the member with their borrowing financial needs. Competition for every consumer loan has been, and will continue to be, fierce and big financial institutions including banks are well-aware of this and they have prepared by developing new loan products and implemented better training for lending personnel to maximize their lending personnel's abilities to capture every consumer loan possible.


Credit Unions need to position themselves to better serve the changing credit needs of their membership to ensure that their members fully utilize the Credit Union and "look to their Credit Union first", not some other financial institution.

Covered Topics:

This presentation will discuss factors that are changing the direction of consumer lending including:

  • Key factors that are affecting the focus and direction of consumer loan underwriting today
  • What are "Advanced Underwriting Skills"?
  • What are the technical advanced underwriting skills and how to they differ from basic technical underwriting skills?
  • Advanced Underwriting skills for
    • Marginal Borrowers
    • The "Positive Approach" and finding a way to say, "Yes"
    • Relationship building and increasing loan volume (Including cross offering, offering value added services and additional related concepts to build member loan financial relationships with the Credit Union)
  • Additional advanced underwriting tools

Who Should Attend?

CEO’s, Lending Management, Supervisory Committee Members, Members of Boards of Directors, and Collection Management will benefit from attending this webinar.