IRA Annual Update

Well, the Congress in their usual last-minute Christmas gift in December of 2017 passed the "Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017". While they have spent most of the year ironing out what this all means, most of the expected IRA changes were not included in the final legislation. But, this year is not over. The IRS Cost of Living Adjustments are released in October 2018. And, you never know what the 2018 December surprise legislation will bring us. Because of these last minute changes, the annual IRA Update and Review Webinar is a "must attend".

Covered Topics

Participants will get the answers to these and many more common questions.

  •  What are the legislative updates for 2019?
  • Clarifying reporting of Qualified Charitable Distributions to the IRS and why they will become more prevalent over the next couple of years.
  • What are the mandatory notices and reporting to be distributed to IRA accountholders in January 2019?
  • What is the constant danger in confusing the "IRA direct transfers" terminology with "QP direct rollovers"? 
  • Why are IRA accountholders getting so many unnecessary letters and bills from the IRS?

Who Should Attend?

IRA personnel in New Accounts, CDs, Trust, Investments and Savings Departments who are involved in the opening, selling, and administration of IRA accounts will benefit greatly from the thorough discussions of the more complicated aspects of the IRA and from the "Annual IRA Update and Review". A working knowledge of IRAs will help understand the more complicated areas of this Webinar.