Business Credit Analysis Reports: What They Should Include

The culmination of every business loan officer’s due diligence is the completion of a business credit analysis report or memorandum. Such a document should address all aspects of a loan proposal; and in particular the fives C’s of Credit: Cashflow, Character, Capital, Collateral and Conditions. This webinar is intended to identify those areas that are critical to a complete report, which can be presented to a superior, Loan Committee, or Board of Directors.

Covered Topics

  • The Five C’s of Credit and how to answer questions about them
  • The essentials of what a credit analysis should include
  • Evaluating issues that can impact a business’ future performance
  • Sources of useful Information
  • The different credit reports for an existing and start-up business

Who Should Attend?

Credit Analysts, Loan Officers, All who report to a Loan Committee, Other personnel with a basic understanding of business credit analysis