Out of Balance at the Teller Window

Out of balance? Doesn’t always mean the cash drawer. There is more than one way a teller can be out of balance at your credit union! The cash drawer is the most obvious that does come to mind but a teller can lose their balance when dealing with an irate member or when they have a conflict with a co-worker. How about managing change – change in hours, what is expected, a new process or a new procedure? Maybe your credit union expects tellers to spot opportunities and seek out referrals to other products and services when a member calls or comes by the branch. Tune in and learn how to keep your balance when working the teller window.

Covered Topics

  • Elevate your emotional intelligence – what is it? How do you manage yourself in sticky situations with your team and with your members?
  • Earn an impeccable reputation – don’t settle for mediocrity, take your game up to the level of the pros in how well you adhere to best practices when handling cash and decision making.
  • Learn how and when to cross-sell by building rapport with your members
  • Understand the risk of handling transactions for the new depositor, what to consider with less-cash deposits, and maintaining confidentiality.

Who Should Attend?

Tellers, Head Tellers, Teller Supervisors, and Teller Trainers.