BSA Year End Round Up

It’s time for a wrap on 2019 and a look towards 2020. This year-end wrap up will focus on looking at the 2019 year including beneficial ownership, CTR, and crimes listed on the SAR. We will look at the areas of hot crime and the examination hot spots. This is program is a must as we head to 2020.

Covered Topics:

  • What’s gone right and wrong with beneficial ownership certifications
  • SAR data fields—cyber crimes, human trafficking and smuggling
  • CTR problems and concerns
  • Managing high risk customers
  • Getting those risk assessments
  • Audits, Policy and procedures that need fixing
  • Hot Exam Spots—customers with notes in check memos, personal accounts used for business
  • Coming attractions in 2020
  • Errors on Beneficial Ownership

Who Should Attend?

BSA Officers and Staff.