Preparing Your Credit Union for a Health or Weather-Related Disaster

HR, Operations, Facilities and Communication Best Practices

(Hurricane Season Starts on June 1st!)

Over the past decade, financial institutions everywhere have experienced tropical storms, hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, ice storms, flu outbreaks and even a pandemic. In many cases, these events occur when they are least expected, causing extended business interruption and recovery times along with extreme stress.

Proactive planning can minimize the impact to your customers, staff and facilities. Attend this program and get a head start as we cover over 25 tips to help your bank come back stronger and quicker than the competition.

Important Topics Covered

  • HR policies to adopt before a disaster is on the horizon, including emergency contact forms, pay practices, flexible schedules, post-disaster time off for affected staff, and empathy expectations for supervisors
  • Alternative staffing and cross-training ideas if we can’t get to our home branch, or our regular job function is not “essential” during a disaster
  • Pitfalls and advantages of telework/telecommuting
  • Communication planning before, during and after an event for our board, staff, and customers, including sample scripts for your website and social media, customer emergency card, and best practices for virtual employee status meetings
  • Facility/Branch preparation tips such as key vendor relationships we need to have in place, checklists for preparing a branch for a weather event and important supplies to buy before you need them
  • Cash management facts you’ll wish you knew before your vault goes under water

True stories of lessons learned the hard way during disaster recovery, including:

  • Detecting and deterring the overly dedicated employee who wants to work while sick or injured
  • A case of “light” sexual harassment and a missing wallet courtesy of the construction crew
  • If you house them, they will work – how a financial institution helped 19 employees work through the loss of their homes
  • Emergency modular branches? A blessing or a curse? 
  • Our phone system crashed! What now?
  • Help! I stepped on a nail while I was removing wet branch carpet and can’t remember when I last had a tetanus shot!

Who Should Attend?

This program will benefit facility managers, HR team members, branch and operations supervisors, executive management, marketing/communications staff, board members, and executive assistants.