IRAs - 4 Part Series

This four part series includes the following webinars. Click each link for a complete description of what will be covered in each session. Each webinar can also be purchased individually.

Series Breakdown

IRAs - Part 1 - Start with the Basics - September 11th 

Let's introduce you to the basic IRA terminology, forms and plan types. We'll give you a jump-start on building the IRA foundation.

IRAs - Part 2 - Rollovers and Transfers - September 18th 

If there is any confusion in the IRA world, it is the use of the words "rollover" vs. "transfer" when moving a Qualified Plan to an IRA and/or an IRA to an IRA. There are 3 main questions that need to be asked when receiving money that has previously been part of a QP or an IRA.

IRAs - Part 3 - Distributions and Beneficiary Payouts - October 16th 

On January 1, 2020, the SECURE Act became effective with some of the most sweeping distribution changes we've had to IRAs since 2002. In addition, the life expectancy tables are being updated for 2021 distributions. Lots to catch up on!.

IRAs - Part 4 - Auditing Your IRA Files - October 23rd 

Now that you've been dropped into the IRA department without training, how do you know what to keep and what to toss as far as IRA documents go? Add on to that, your credit union just purchased another institution and you have to go through all their IRA files, too!!

Who Should Attend?

Anyone who works with IRAs in any capacity will benefit from this webinar series.