How to Use Your Risk Assessment(s) to Make Better Decisions

As financial institutions, you’re required to perform numerous risk assessments throughout the Information Security Program lifecycle: IT, Vendor, Business Process (BIA), and Cybersecurity risk assessments. Each serve a different function and goal, but one thing remains constant – if your risk assessment isn’t helping you to make decisions, it’s not a good risk assessment.

So how do you build a risk assessment that helps you to make better decisions? Let’s discuss.

Covered Topics

  • Regulatory Requirements of ISP Risk Assessments
  • Differences in the different types or Risk Assessments
  • A framework for valuable risk assessments
  • Make decisions from your IT Risk Assessment
  • Make decisions from your Vendor Risk Assessment
  • Make decisions from your Business Process Risk Assessment (BIA)
  • Make decisions from your Cybersecurity Risk Assessment
  • How do these risk assessments work together?

Who Should Attend?

Information Security Officer, IT Manager, Risk Officer, Internal Auditor, and Executives looking to understand expectations around Business Continuity Risks.